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I am a 20 year old semi-humanistic being living in New York State and attending college in Massachusetts. My fandoms include Doctor Who Supernatural Sherlock Merlin Science Soul Eater Ouran High School Host Club Naruto James Patterson Music attack on titan Blue Exorcist and kittens and puppies


Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir Dice



I’m really angry that we don’t have wings. Imagine having wings based on your personality, like you are calm and shy person but deep down you’re brave so you get sky blue eagle wings or someone who thinks he’s great and doesn’t respect anyone has dirty small chicken wings. But no one can see your wings until you truly open up to a person and show him who you really are. Wouldn’t that be really cool.


And here are some more pictures from our photoshoot with Jeff! He’s going to send us a few more too, so expect more picture spam because they all came out kind of amazing. :P

Cosplayer: Tori McKenna (me) & Josh Phelan,Cool By Proxy Productions
Costume: Atomic Hawkgirl & Atomic Hawkman (original design)
Photographer: Jeff Paradiso, Geeky Lens


i duno about you guys but i prefer this version over the first one they released :>

i actually remembered that there are three versions of this, bronze+black, the silver+black, then this one gold+silver, i just waited for it XD

i duno it looks more cleaner to me, and more..whats the word im looking for….hmmm. its more bitchin’. i wish there was a diamond version with hello kitty stickers on them haha…wat. 


ps sorry if i havent been posting much sims 3, i really wanna post my boys but my disk is still not working XD i even licked the damn thing for god’s sake, ill just go illegally download it XD.